Kurt Vonnegut Jr. on Good Writing

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. on Good Writing

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Price's Write - Don't You Use Personal Pronouns

The Price's Write features tips I have run across or discovered myself through my years of writing and teaching writing. They are offered as suggestions to help you become a better writer. Our explanations will be brief, but I think if you follow these tips you can improve your writing. And more importantly, your audience will notice that improvement.
Free at last, free last, thank God Almighty, they are free at last. We should all be rejoicing about the growing use of personal pronouns in writing.

This rule goes back to those extremely formal English teachers who taught that the writer should never intrude into the writing.

Today, writing, as its competes for the thousands of other forms of entertainment, is supposed to be engaging, as well as informative.

Using personal pronouns automatically brings people into the writing. I mean which sounds better to you - One should never pick one's nose with one's finger in public or you should never pick your nose with your finger in public.

In addition, using I and such allows readers to feel they are getting to know the writer.

One caveat - only use personal pronouns if they make the sentence read better or improves clarity. Also, if you are writing a highly formalized paper for an audience that expects formal language, use your personal pronouns sparingly.